rubedawg (rubedawg) wrote in puckoff,

Fantasy Sports - A Year in Review

So how did everyone make out in 2006 fantasy wise?

Thanks to the wonder that is the Yahoo! Profile, I was able to see that I ended up with 5 trophies.

4 Gold (2 football pools, 1 baseball, and 1 football pick 'em)
1 Silver (baseball)

With 2006 Basketball and Hockey and Soccer still to be determined, there are chances for those numbers to improve.

Most importantly this showed improvement over my 2005 fantasy season in which I only recorded 4 trophies.

2 Gold (Baseball, Hockey)
1 Silver (Football)
1 Bronze (Hockey)

I'm looking forward to taking you all on in 2007 and see if I can't make it 6 trophies by the end of the year.
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