Phoenix Reborn (undyingflame) wrote in puckoff,
Phoenix Reborn

Opinion Poll

Okay, so now that our annual hockey league has been changed to a keeper league format, it presents an interesting option that I think works well in another league I am in. As the draft will have to be held off of Yahoo next year again on LiveJournal, a bulletin board or something similar, we now have the option of making it so that draft picks can be traded. For those that don't know how this would work, here's an example...

I could trade Miikka Kiprusoff and my 6th round pick in the 2008 draft, for Josh's Nikolai Khabibulin and his 1st pick in the 2008 draft. (Thus, giving him the better goaltender, but giving me two first round picks the following season).

I think it would be best if draft picks were always traded in equal quantity since we have maximum roster sizes and you don't want anyone to end up drafting more people than they can even carry on a roster. Having this option available would allow contenders to make a push for the playoffs, while giving the underdog teams a chance to fight back with better draft picks in the following season. What do you guys think?
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